Kukua na Kuku
A collaboration between Tanzania and the Netherlands to transform Tanzania's poultry sector using Dutch Technologies


Knowledge transfer for sustainable poultry industry growth

About Kukua na Kuku

Kukua na Kuku is a collaborative project between Tanzania and the Netherlands transforming Tanzania’s poultry sector using Dutch technologies. Our aim is to enhance capacity building throughout the value chain  to improve efficiency, production quality and increase demand for poultry products.

Did you Know?

Kukua na Kuku is Swahili for “Growing with Chicken” which is a fitting name because the project aims to promote and support the continuous development of the poultry sector in Tanzania. 

Stakeholder Mapping & Baseline Study

The baseline study marked the starting point of the programme. It made the monitoring and evaluation possible and define KPIs. The stakeholder mapping identified the partners and important stakeholders during the programme.​

Demonstration Farm

The demo farms; one for broilers and another for layers were constructed by the local partner Kilacha Training Center and installed with with Dutch equipment. It allows the Dutch companies to showcase the performance and benefits of their equipment, approach and management.

Capacity Building

A key mission of the impact cluster, this demo farm additionally serves as an aggregation point to conduct training of trainers. It also caters for capacity building on the best practices on how to manage a broiler and layer farm.

Knowledge Transfer

During visits of the consortium, workshops have been given to poultry farmers at the demo farm regarding the following subjects: farm management, animal health, finance, poultry behaviour, biosecurity, feed, breeding and poultry management.


News & Updates

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